Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TOT HIV/AIDS Project - Local Partner Mobilization in MALAWI

Developing and maintaining good collaboration and relationships with local partners is critical to the program’s success and sustainability. Between July and August 2008, ADRA Malawi ‘s TOT project organized meetings with key collaborators and stakeholders for the TOT project. The key stake holders that were met were: National AIDS Commission (NAC), Ministry of Health (MOH), District Assemblies, community leaders and Health Ministry Directorate for the Malawi Union of the SDA Church.

The main objective of holding these meetings was to brief project stakeholders on the progress the project has registered so far. Other objectives for the meetings were; to brief partners on the role they have played in the project and to encourage them to continue with the support they render to the project.

Dr Nkume, the HMD for SDA Malawi Union, has continuously provided support to the project and pointed out that the Union has plans to empower women groups and other local groups in different areas so that they become self sustained. Another area where the Union is looking forward to benefit in collaboration with this project is the formulation and development of HIV/AIDS policy for SDA institutions. The Union in collaboration with TOT project has already drafted the policy and hopes to work together with TOT project management team to finalise the document.

In another development, TOT project briefing meetings were held at two district assemblies to executive committee meetings for Mulanje and Phalombe districts where some TOTs and 380 counselors have been identified and trained. Their response at these meetings was overwhelming. The District Commissioners for the districts commended ADRA for coming up with this project in their districts which are underserved in the area of HIV/AIDS counseling. They also recommended that the project assist even public institutions to develop HIV/AIDS policy at the work place apart from private institutions. Introduction of these counselors has increased the number of people that go for VCT services in Mulanje and Phalombe districts by 26%.ADRA TOT project has also been commended for promoting voluntary work among the TOTs and counselors. This will enhance sustainability and self reliance amongst community members.
Author: Themba Phiri

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Official hand over of Activity Handbook, Mpemba

Let’s Fight HIV/AIDS in Malawi project partnered with three Danish master students to produce an Activity Handbook for Youth Clubs for ADRA Malawi in 2007/2008, using the Youth Club Mpemba as an example for the communication for social change strategy. Friday the of July 2008 ADRA staff was proud officially to hand over the Handbook to the Mpemba Youth Club.
The Mpemba Youth Club is under Mpemba Chiyambi CBO. The Mpemba Chiyambi CBO was informed of the official hand over of the Activity Handbook and a member of the committee received a copy after the Danish students left. The members of Mpemba Youth Club were very happy to have been taught the strategy as well as receiving the final copy of the Activity Handbook full of pictures and memories.

The Activity Handbook made by Mette Grøndal Hansen, Lise Grauenkær Jensen and Stine Kromann-Larsen can be used in Youth Clubs, communities, groups etc. wanting to use the communication for social change strategy. The Activity Handbook gives a pedagogical step-by-step approach to the strategy, e.g. vision identification, how to take action and how to monitor and evaluate, while giving many examples from the Mpemba Youth club and their specific activities.

If you have further questions or would like to require a copy (free of charge if for teaching purposes), please contact
Author: Sidsel Faurholt