Monday, July 14, 2008

Meliya Story

Meliya Lupiya a widow aged 56 from Ngolowera village has been struggling taking care of her family comprising of seven members of whom 5 are orphaned grand children. Life has been unbearable due to lack of basic needs like food, potable water, clothes just to mention a few. Being illiterate it has been hard for her to get a job. Women empowerment is targeting women like Meliya to improve her household for the better. Being involved in trainings and various activities she has all smiles to own a beautiful vegetable garden, this is helping her to meet nutrition needs and income for the household basic needs after selling some vegetables. She has enrolled for adult literacy class, therefore she encourages her family members to attend school. Her 5 orphaned grand children. are amongst those benefiting from the drilled borehole at Ngolowera Primary School. courtesy of ADRA Women Empowerment Project (WEP). She has also been a beneficiary of donated goats. The manure collected help improve her garden. Life has her improved for the better through involvement in Women Empowerment Initiatives. Bellow are pictures Meliya and her family, vegetable garden and a goat. “ I am very grateful for this project, it has empowered my life. We will continue with this work even if the project phases out. Thanks to Sweden and ADRA Malawi for the parternership God bless.”

Author: Andiyesa Mhango

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