Tuesday, September 2, 2008

LEFAM strategies on IGAs

Let’s Fight AIDS in Malawi (LEFAM) project continues to embark on saving more lives and economically uplifting the lives of many people who are suffering due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.
One particular component that LEFAM has earmarked is the Income Generating Activities (IGA). This is one way of making sure that communities have the economic muscle that would result in self- reliant.
In order to achieve this LEFAM conducted a three day workshop on IGA design and Implementation from August 6 to 8, 2008 and was facilitated by two expert consultants in IGA design and implementation. The workshop drew all core project staff, Project Manager, District Coordinators, Field Assistants, Training Officer, Communications Officer, Accounts Personnel, and Procurement and Logistics Officer.
The workshop aimed at bringing out the best design and implementation strategy for IGAs and how LEFAM together with communities would best implement the IGAs to attain the intended objective; economically empowering People Living with HIV/AIDS, orphans and the vulnerable children to improve their living standards in society.
With lessons learnt from previous IGAs, the team came up with different strategies that would be an improvement of the previous IGAs. This would be a sure way to safeguard that the intended IGAs are implemented successfully.

Author: Chikondi Madikiza-Madumuse

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