Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Food Security series - IHFS

The main objective of this ADRAProject,  is to address food and nutrition insecurity among vulnerable households affected by HIV/AIDS. This is achieved through promotion of improved crop varieties, particularly drought resistant crops and modern farming methods such as soil and water conservation, manure making and improved crop storage. In addition, households are trained in improved food preparation skills that are efficient and help retain the nutritional value of the various promoted foods. In addition the project promotes hygiene and sanitation among the targted households. The targeted households are organized into Village Support Groups (VSGs) which recieve trainings and are supported to establish individual as well as communal gardens.  The VSGs are linked to other community structures, particularly Village Development Committees (VDCs) which coordinate all development activities under the government decentralization structures.

The Integrated Health and Food Security for Vulnerable Groups Due to AIDS Project (IHFS), is supported by DANIDA/ADRA Denmark, works in Mulanje and Neno Districts.

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