Monday, November 10, 2008

Enabling ADRA to authentically represent

ADRA Malawi and ADRA international recently launched a massive needs assessment initiative in two districts in Southern Malawi. The assessment involved collaborating with TANGO, a technical assistance consulting firm that works with NGOs. TANGO provided extensive tools to conduct a thorough needs assessment and determine the vulnerability of people in these areas.

ADRA’s team was composed of staff from both the ADRA Malawi and International offices consisting of Emanuel, Jennifer, Martine, Hastings, Chris, Thoko, Moses along with many other staff and team members of a team of more than 40 people. The assessment was two-prong involving a wide-ranging survey that was conducted with hundreds of individuals in their homes, and numerous interviews with eight village groups and leaders.

This exercise was rigorous, but an excellent opportunity for building the capacity of all involved. Even more importantly, it was an opportunity to connect with persons in the two districts enabling ADRA to authentically represent them by hearing their voices, their real needs, and understanding their potential, their dreams, and their reality.

Barbara Stuart - Planning, ADRA International

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