Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Global ADRA Network

ADRA Malawi is part of the international ADRA net-work. ADRA is a non-governmental organization present in 125 countries providing sustainable community development and disaster relief without regard to political or religious association, age, gen-der, race or ethnicity.

ADRA Malawi receives support from several ADRA offices and foreign governments including Denmark, Australia, Sweden, USA and Canada, and UN agencies. ADRA Malawi works in partnership with the Government of Malawi to reach Development Goals.

For further information please visit: ADRA International at http://www.adra.org/, ADRA Denmark at http://www.adra.dk/, ADRA Australia at http://www.adra.org.au/, ADRA Sweden at http://www.adra.se/, ADRA Canada at http://www.adra.ca/, ADRA UK at http://www.adrauk.org/.

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