Sunday, May 10, 2009

Community leading Home Based Care

How tactical approaches change the world! ADRA’s aspiration of changing the world; one life at time might sound too ambitious to be real but with a well-coordinated and humble approach on the ground everything is getting possible.

Coming from an always-receiving tendency where communities have been more used to receiving than doing things on their own, implementation of some initiatives have often been uncertain with regards to sustainability.

However, as tales from Kayembe – Dowa district in Malawi’s central province testify for itself ADRA’s mission of changing one life at a time seem to be bearing fruits as communities are able to mobilize resources for their own as taught to them by the organisation.

And upon being given Community Home Based Care (CHBC) kits containing basic medicine needed for PLWHIV-Aids traditional authorities have responded by mobilizing their subordinates to contribute approximately $3.5 towards replenishing HBC kits that were donated by ADRA MALAWI.

Asked why they thought about replenishing the kits village headman Kayembe said ADRA MALAWI had shown them the way of doing things.

“We used to have many people suffering but since ADRA trained HBC providers the situation has eased because these people are not only offering mobile clinic services but also offering psychosocial support to the infected.

 “We therefore thought it was more productive try stand on own as proof to the world that we are now able to apply what ADRA MALAWI taught us by building our capacity,” said village headmen Kayembe.

ADRA MALAWI has so far oriented more than 400orientated HBC providers, this has resulted in more communities having access to medical attention when need arises from the HBC providers.

By: Tamanda Matebule

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