Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New beds to Malamulo Hospital

ADRA provides over 90 hospital beds to Malamulo Mission Hospital...

The project was initiated after an evaluation of the hospital was done by the ADRA Malawi Country Director and the Malamulo Hospital Management Team. The evaluation was done after it was realized that many of the 275 hospital beds were of poor design and in bad condition.

This evaluation revealed that close to 100 beds were indeed in very bad shape and needed to be replaced. This led to designing of the project and sourcing of the beds through ADRA International in the USA, and shipped from Baltimore on 23rd November 2008 arriving into Malawi on 18th February 2009.

Customs clearing was done and the beds were delivered to Malamulo Hospital on 12th & 14th March 2009. A total of 94 beds and 92 mattresses were received and delivered. They were delivered by the ADRA Malawi Logistics & Procurement Officer and received on behalf of the hospital by the hospital Adminsitration.

At the moment the beds have been distributed in the General ward (Male & Female), Private wards, Maternity ward and Annex ward where they are being used by patients (See picture).

The hospital management is very appreciative of the donation which they said has enabled them to replace the old beds (mentioned earlier) which were in bad shape and of poor design. This donation they said has done a lot to improve the facilities at the hospital as well as the general outlook.

When interviewed, the patients also expressed appreciation for the new beds which they said were more comfortable and convenient. This they said was mainly due to the new mattresses and the mechanism for adjusting the level of the head and legs. This they said has enabled them to make adjustments to suit the needs of the patient and make them more comfortable.

Author: Dyson Mbengo


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