Friday, May 7, 2010

Second anniversary of ADRA Malawi Today

May 6, marks the second anniversary of ADRA Malawi Today. During the two years of existence, published 101 stories, and had, on average, over 5 different visitors a day in a total of 3748 visitors during the 24 months.
During the last year, the top 5 countries reading ADRA Malawi Today where: United States of America (528), Malawi (415), United Kingdom (169), Australia (85), and South Africa (81); during the last 12 months, 105 different countries were recorded as visitors of ADRA Malawi Today.
We have received contributions from several members of staff from ADRA Malawi and our visiting partners, providing their impressions of the day to day of ADRA Malawi’s work at the community level.
Zikomo Kwambiri (thank you very much in Chichewa) for your interest.


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JulieP said...

Congratulations on your 2nd year of operating a blog site. Its fantastic to read stories of what you are all achieving and to learn about different projects, the people of Malawi and thier needs. Just a suggestion, can you add a place where we can make a donation to different projects? May God continue to bless you all. JulieP