Friday, September 30, 2011

REFLECT training for ADRA staff starts bearing fruits in Mzuzu

Hetherwick Manda, HIV/AIDS & Media Facilitator, Mzuzu/Mzimba District

ADRA Malawi recently conducted a REFLECT Training Workshop for staff members involved in the Action for Social Change, Danida funded project. The aim of the training was to equip members of staff with skills and knowledge on how to manage REFLECT Circles in their respective districts.

At the end of the workshop participants were required to use the skills gained in their catchment areas to establish REFLECT circles. In Mzuzu the Civil Society Facilitator organized a series of meetings to sensitize community members, relevant stakeholders, and Traditional leaders about the importance of having a REFLECT Circle in their communities.

After several successful meetings, we are happy to report that in Mzuzu /Mzimba District five REFLECT circles have been established with committees and appointed REFLECT Circle Facilitators (3 male and 2 female). These circles are formed in the following GVHs: GVH Kaithazi (with 2 circles) and in GVH Kadambo Kanyinji, GVH Msafili Chavula and GVH Zakeyu Nkhambule (with 1 circle each).

Plans are at an advanced stage for the training of the circle facilitators who will be responsible for the day to day running of these circles. The good news is that these circles have already started meeting despite that facilitator are not yet trained.  This is a clear indication that these communities are very keen and have an interest in actively participating in these circles and the development of their areas.

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Thank you , Chris, I found this exercise highly interesting.