Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ADRA Malawi holds annul staff meeting

Chikondi Madikiza-Madumuse – Communications &Advocacy Officer 

ADRA Malawi organised a one day staff meeting on 23rd January in Blantyre for the year 2012. Even though Blantyre drizzled for four days, the weather did not dampen the spirit of staff members.
The meeting aimed at building the relationships among staff members. In his opening remarks acting County Director for ADRA Malawi Michael Usi said ADRA has come a long way and every staff member is of integral importance to the organization.
“This is an important meeting for ADRA Malawi and every member of staff should know that he/she is important to this organization and ADRA is called ADRA because staff members form part of its citizenship,” said Usi.
He urged staff members to be open- minded and explore other and new ways of making ADRA a better working place for everyone.
During the meeting several questions were presented to the staff members in groups so that members would have a better understanding of ADRA’s goal and vision. Discussions of these questions would enable staff members to be on the same footing as regards to ADRA’s vision. The staff members were grouped according to their level of authority to allow them discuss freely.
Mr Usi addressing ADRA staff
ADRA staff members felt the meeting would help strengthen team work and also build up relationships among staff since the meeting offered a rare opportunity for ADRA staff from different projects to interact.
Staff members spoke openly of issues of concern and of particular interest was on how staff members weighed their sense of belonging in ADRA Malawi – Did they regard themselves as part of of ADRA Malawi or aliens in the organization?
Mr Zande and other ADRA staff members

It was interesting and encouraging that most staff members felt they were the rightly placed members of the organization.
During the meeting the Acting Country Director also congratulated one of the Project Managers Mr. Francis Zande on his effort to come up with a proposal that has seen a project emanate in Mwanza District to respond to the climate change challenge.
“I would like to ask you to come with proposals or concept notes so that ADRA has more projects coming. Francis has done us pride. He wrote a proposal and we are receiving funding and people have been employed because of this,” Usi said.
On the other hand management accepted that there has been a shortfall in the department of Human Resources where ADRA does not have a permanent officer at present but pledged that the issue is being looked into and soon the vacancy would be filled.
At the end,   members of staff echoed that the meeting was relevant and said it would be more meaningful  if what was  discussed would be implemented. 
A cross section of ADRA staff during the meeting
Presently ADRA has four projects and one program, Tsogola Labwino (TL) Project operating in Salima; Trainers of Trainers in HIV (TOT) operating in Mangochi, Mulanje, Phalombe, Blantyre; Enhanced Livelihood through Gender Empowerment (ELGE) project operating in Mulanje; Enhanced Community Resilient (ECRP) Project operating in Mwanza, lastly Action For Social Change Program operating in Mulanje , Machinga, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

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