Thursday, November 22, 2012

ADRA Malawi set to mainstream KM

By Elias Banda
ADRA Malawi is now set to mainstream knowledgemanagement systems after staffs, drawn from different projects went through a week- long Knowledge management training. The training also drew participants from other ADRA offices from Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and South Sudan.
The training took place at Ufulu Gardens in the Capital Lilongwe from 12 -16 November 2012.  The objective of the training was to equip staff how to create, share, store and utilize information in the organization.  Participants learnt that KM processes required an enabling environment in the organization for tacit knowledge to be effectively generated and shared among employees. The training was facilitated by the Malawian based HCDM consultants.
The training ended a mandate that each ADRA office develop an action plan to establish the KM systems. Speaking when closing, HCDM Lead Consultant Booker Matanvu urged participants to make use of the knowledge gained to establish KM systems and that his organization  would be available to offer support when ever need arises.
KM participants pose for photograph after the training
Lise Grauenkaer, ADRA Denmark Program Coordinator described the training as historic because it brought together several countries that implement the Action for Social Change Program. She pointed out on the need to have a follow on the training.
ADRA Malawi Country Director, Claudio Sandoval  said the training was a blessing to ADRA and that participants should utilize the knowledge acquired effectively and efficiently.  He said that people work in ADRA in order to change others and that the knowledge acquired should be used to make a difference on other people. He thanked ADRA Denmark for the support rendered for the success of the training.

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