Monday, January 14, 2013

Machinga man breaks silence on male adult learning

By George Million
The common sight suggests that only women go for adult learning in Machinga as men retract because they feel ashamed to learn in the presence of women. A few men who join the adult classes are ridiculed by fellow men and they eventually drop on the way, leaving women to continue with the informal education. However, this was different with Pias Bunnet who braved the mockery from fellow men and vowed to continue with adult learning until he would acquire writing, reading and counting skills. Piasi said he had never been involved in any formal education since he was born 48 years ago. He said since he joined Nthundu REFLECT Circle in August 2012, his situation has improved and he could read a few words in a sentence.
Nthundu REFLECT Circle is among the 9 circles established and supported by ADRA Malawi through Action for Social Change (ASC) Program in Machinga District to facilitate community dialogue sessions and adult learning.  Across the program, ADRA Malawi has facilitated establishment of 39 REFLECT circles in Mzimba, Lilongwe, Machinga and Mulanje.
Piasi Bunnet captured among women during an adult class session
Piasi hinted that his main goal is to participate in leadership positions at his church and in some community based organizations where he is a member. He said he would launch a campaign challenging fellow men to join the adult learning classes.
The Action for Social change program is being supported by Denmark to bring about individual and society change in Mzimba, Lilongwe, Machinga and Mulanje districts.

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