Thursday, March 14, 2013

ADRA Malawi, DAM in diabetes awareness drive in Northern Malawi

By Elias Banda
In the wake of increasing cases of diabetes in Malawi the Diabetes Association of Malawi (DAM) has stepped up efforts to raise awareness and established its branches in district hospitals across the country. Recently the Association collaborated with ADRA Malawi and managed to mobilize 447 diabetes patients in five of the six districts of the Northern Region.
The Association used the ADRA Malawi sponsored Zatonse Radio program to mobilize diabetes patients  in the region  to raise awareness and established  DAM branches attached to district hospitals in Mzimba, Mzuzu, Rumphi, Karonga and Nkhatabay where people would access information on management and prevention of diabetes.
DAM President Timothy Mtambalika expressed gratitude to ADRA Malawi for providing the platform which he described as a powerful mobilization tool. Mr Mtambalika however hinted that the biggest challenge the Association is facing is shortage of drugs and equipment to measure insulin levels.
Currently there over 15000 people with diabetes in Malawi and about 70% have type two diabetes. Mr Mtambalika disclosed in an interview that many Malawians who have diabetes are not aware about the diseases due to lack of information.
 Zatonse Radio Program is support by Denmark through ADRA Malawi Action for Social Change Program to bring about society and individual change. 

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