Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mgumera community constructs house for the aged

 By Redson Damalekani
In what appears to be a rare activity, the Mgumera community in Mulanje is constructing a house for an old man, who has been abandoned by his relatives. Moffat Maganga, 99 fell out of grace from his relatives after they suspected him with superstitious acts and witchcraft and has been discarded by the wider community for 11 years. His wife and children died several years ago.
 The degree of misery and poverty as Moffat advances in age triggered community attention, prompting the Mgumera REFLECT circle to table the matter and discuss a lasting solution.  The circle resolved that a house be constructed for Moffat Maganga, whose health status declined due to lack food and other basic necessities and his house was on the verge of collapsing.
The community hatched a plan to mould bricks three months ago and construction of the superstructure has started.  A community member who declined to be named said this was a landmark activity in the village and has not been witnessed for more than 30 years.
Mgumera REFLECT Circle in session
part of Moffat's dilapidated house
A house for Moffat under construction
It is common practice that when people are aged, they are suspected of being involved in witchcraft and many have been abandoned to die while in isolation. However, the Mgumera REFLECT Circle is trying to prove this notion wrong by extending love to the vulnerable and marginalized members of the community including the aged.
The construction of the house brought smiles back on Moffat face as he feels being part of the community. Apart from the house, the circle would support him with food and other basic items.
ADRA Malawi, with support from Denmark has facilitated formation and is empowering seven RELFLECT Circles in Mulanje District.

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