Tuesday, January 7, 2014

ADRA Malawi to have wellness policy

By Elias Banda
ADRA Malawi is now set to have the wellness policy after a three- day staff workshop in Blantyre where participants received training on how to mainstream the activities that would guarantee safety of employees at the workplace. The policy is premised on the popular idea that development of any institution depended on the physical and emotional wellbeing of its employees.
Claudio Sandoval addressing participants
 Participants during the workshop

 The wellness policy replaces the HIV/AIDS policy which was already in draft form. The wellness policy would be more encompassing because it covered all other diseases apart from HIV and AIDS that might affect staff ability to positively contribute to the development of the organization.
Speaking during the official opening of the workshop on December 17, 2013, ADRA Malawi Country Director, Claudio Sandoval urged participants to come up with a sound policy that would create an enabling working environment for those physically and emotionally challenged and those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. He said that the reality of HIV/AIDS was glaring in the society and that everybody was affected in many different ways.
The  workshop drew participants from all ADRA Malawi projects and the policy was expected to launched at least by June 2014.

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