Thursday, April 9, 2015

Saved by ambulance bicycle

By Linly Chilupsya
Filinesi Chakhala 71, of Katambo Village in Salima would be dead if the bicycle ambulance was not sourced on time to take her to Salima District hospital.
The whole episode unfolded when on March 22, Filinesi woke up with a severe fever which was characterized by frequent vomiting sessions. Within a few hours she became weak and failed to walk. Her deteriorating condition caused fear and panic among her relatives who put several survival options on the table, including taking her to the hospital. Meanwhile, the hospital was 20 kilometers away and time was running out for Filinesi to survive.
While struggling to cope with the urgency of matter, her relatives remembered that a week earlier ADRA Malawi had donated an ambulance bicycle at the nearby village of Kawaye. Fortunately, the bicycle ambulance was secured and Filinesi was rushed to the hospital.

Up on arrival at the
Felinesi being rushed to the hospital through difficult terrains.
hospital, Filinesi was diagnosed with malaria and after treatment she was later discharged as an outpatient. However, the doctor had indicated earlier that her conditioned would be more severe and dangerous if she delayed to come to the hospital.

Filinesi’s sister Chimwemwe,  breathed a sigh of relief seeing her sister out of hospital and thanked ADRA Malawi for the timely ambulance donation “with her condition we were not sure how we would carry her to the hospital and as old and weak as she became it would be difficult to carry her on an ordinary bicycle and we thank ADRA Malawi for this precious donation” she said.
The ambulance bicycles have been donated by ADRA France to help vulnerable community members to access health services quickly especially in times of emergencies.

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