Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flood Response

Veronica Kanyenga is a widow aged 61 who comes from the rural area of Mileme village of GVH Chomombo from Traditional Authority Jenala in Phalombe district in the southern part of Malawi. She lives with her daughter whose husband died 3 years ago (2005) and left three children with her, aged 5 years old boy, 7 years old boy, and 8 years old girl.
They all live in one small thatched house built of mud and they depend their living on the crops from their small piece of land, approximately 2 hectares which unfortunately had all their crops washed away by the floods from last year’s (2007-2008) rainy season which left them with nothing to feed on for their daily consumption.

Thanks to WFP/ADRA who came to her rescue with the assistance in form of food aid to those who lost their crops through floods in the area which were caused by Phalombe river. The food basket is in a form of 55kgs cereals and 5kgs pulses on monthly basis per household for a period of six months starting from March 2008 to August 2008.

Asked how long will the monthly ration take to last, Veronica said that the food will only last for two weeks and there after they will supplement with cassava and sweet potatoes till the next distribution. She was also asked how she is going to survive if the food aid comes to an end, Veronica said that together with her daughter they will continue to try hard to find for piece work (Ganyu) from other peoples fields or any other form of work for the survival of the household up to the next harvest season which is in April 2009.

Author: Hastings Lacha

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