Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Water in the border

Nseula Village, in the district of Neno, is located on the Southwest border with Mozambique. ADRA started the partnership with the village in the year 2006, and since then opportunities for development where created and the majority of the families have reach higher levels of sustainability, translated for example in capacity to send their children to school.One of the most striking achievements in this partnership, supported by ADRA Denmark and DANIDA, is the gravity feed water system that is providing cleaner water directly into the village. Other activities include supporting the local farmers with more resistant crops and improved grain storage facilities. ADRA is also providing technical expertise related to agriculture and nutrition and is conducting HIV/AIDS awareness meetings.

Many other challenges lay ahead in Nseula Village; ADRA is looking at the possibility of extending the water system, for another 500 meters, in order to reach the primary school, at the eastern end of the village. ADRA is also looking at building on local small scale irrigation, an initiative started by one local farmer; by upgrading it and extending it to become a system that will allow shielding the farmers from draughts. Without external support, draughts like the one experienced during the current year, increase the vulnerability of the families and may farther them into the cycle of extreme poverty.

May you wish to be a part of the efforts to contribute to the development of Nseula Village; you may direct your donation to the ADRA office in your country specifying the name of the village to where you wish to contribute.

Author: Emanuel da Costa

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