Thursday, May 22, 2008

Media interview

The newly arrived ADRA Malawi Country Director, Emanuel da Costa, was recently interviewed by the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation and the Newspaper “The Nation”. From the several questions the highlight was on the plans of the new administration.

“ … ADRA Malawi exists to serve. As a faith based organization we wish not only to serve but to reflect the character of God through our work … this will only be achieved by providing high standard professional and caring services, with this in mind the current administration intends to:

Strengthen the organization, by: revising the organizational structure for better use of existing resources, and higher efficiency; increasing the transparency and upgrading the finance and monitoring and evaluation departments; reducing the weight in the administration; increasing opportunities for employees professional development.

Increase assistance provided, by: strengthening the relations with current partners and donors; diversify current donor base; offer opportunities for private donors in Malawi to be involved...”

Revised by: Aninde Migogo

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Temmylade Ayo Aladeokin said...

Congratulations ADRA Malawi on the Arrival of ADRA Malawi Country Director, Emanuel da Costa. More power to your elbow.