Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Let's fight HIV/AIDS in Malawi

LEFAM project funded by DANIDA is responding to well defined needs and problems in rural areas. The project activities have targeted the most vulnerable groups as well as the general population through its communication components. The project has adopted a culture-sensitive Communication for Social Change (CFSC) approach, with genuine respect for indigenous cultural traditions, practices and beliefs.

Communication for Social Change is defined as a process of public and private dialogue through which people themselves define who they are, what they need and how to get what they need in order to improve their own lives. It utilizes dialogue that leads to collective problem identification, decision-making and community based implementation of solutions to development issues.

Bellow you will find a number of images illustrating some of the activities ADRA's LEFAM project is promoting:

Phtoto 1: Capacity building through trainings - Being an implementing and not money lending institution ADRA Malawi believes in teaching people how to fish, with this background ADRA’s Lets Fight HIV/AIDS (LEFAM) organized a series of training sessions to train its farmers clubs members on harvesting and storage procedures of yields. In this picture an old woman a farmers’ club member shows his gratitude to ADRA over the training.

Photo 2: Donor representative Inger Olsen addresses participants to a Theater for Development training at M’biza site in Mulanje. In her presentation Larson emphasized on the need for participants to grasp the participatory theater concept and utilize the knowledge gained as one surest way of advocating social change.

Photo 3: Child abuse is a reality in Malawi’s rural settings when children are not forced into early marriages; they are vulnerable to abuse. Some irresponsible parents and guardians even abandon their parental role and thereby indirectly leading their children astray as they tend to fend for themselves. In this picture captured during a Kid’s Day children cry-out for the respect of their rights and dignity.

Photo 4 - Every long journey, they say, starts with a single step it is in this philosophy that ADRA Malawi’s LEFAM Project embarked on a Journey of Hope in which the youth are being taught abstinence skills as portrays in this picture where they have to go through a narrow path to their destination.

Author: Emma Jakobo

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