Wednesday, May 7, 2008

TOT HIV/AIDS project drills Counseler trainers

Thirty nine trainers of HIV/AIDS counselors have been trained by ADRA Malawi TOT(trainer of trainers) HIV/AIDS project. This training was meant for re-orienting the trainers in HIV/AIDS counseling and facilitation skills. A group of 42 trainers was trained initially in June 2007 and of these 39 participated in the recent TOT refresher training.

ADRA Malawi is targeting 24,000 people for counseling activities under the TOT project within a period of three years (2007-2009). So far, the project has managed to counsel approximately 8000 people by March 2008.

In total 14 females and 25 males attended the training. These trainers are expected to recruit and train 10 counselors each. Each counselor is expected to counsel at least 10 people at the end of each quarter.

In Malawi, HIV prevalence rate stands at 11%, a drop from 14.6% in 2004. One of the key activities that have contributed greatly towards this drop in HIV prevalence is the intensification of HIV counseling and testing. HIV testing is considered key and entry point to HIV treatment, care and behaviour change programmes. ADRA Malawi through TOT project has intensified this counseling activity in order to further contribute towards reduction of HIV prevalence in Malawi.

Author: Boddington Themba Phiri

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